This question might have arises in ur mind many time and might have make u FRUSTRATED. Today I am here to discuss the solution.

Let’s start with some introduction

Shortcut virus is dangerous virus and mainly transfers through usb drives.

It converts your drive and folder into shortcuts and if u open it in your pc it affect your system and finally crash it.

You get affected by this virus when you download (.EXE) file from untrusted source or u have connect your to infected pc.

Initially, it does not harm but later it corrupts and deletes your file and compels you to format or erase all your important files.

It is dangerous because it may help other malicious program to install in your pc without being detected.

Most antivirus available in the market are unable to detect it and will drive you crazy saying “NO THREAT DETECTED”.

As long as the virus stays or connects to new devices, it starts multiplying itself and spreads across every connected device! In addition, it gets updated whenever you are connected to internet even through mobile phones!

Mainly there are two types of shortcut virus :

  1. Drive shortcut virus,
  2. drive shortcut virus

  3. File and folder shortcut {MOST POPULAR}

files shortcut virus

NO WORRY!!!! We can remove both types of shortcut virus.

Today I will be explaining the easiest ways to remove virus with and without software.



    cmd shortcut virus remover

    CMD is best for this purpose .At first plug your infected drive. Note your infected drive letter eg. C: D: E: F:

    Then Open Start Menu –> Run. (To open run dialog, you can alternatively type Win+R). In the Run dialog box, type cmd. Or search for cmd in start menu. Better to run it as administrator.

    Copy the below code and paste it into CMD and press enter:

    ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D G:*.*


    ATTRIB G:*.* /D /S -H -R -S

    Do not forget to replace G with the drive letter you noted earlier.

    All done now open your drive and delete unknown files or best way to get rid permanently is to copy file in local drive and format the infected drive


    bat shortcut virus remover

    Every time it is tedious to write code in cmd so I come up with the way by creating .bat file. A bat file is an executable file, which contains some pre-written script. Just create this file using notepad and run it

    Steps To Create A .Bat File to Remove Shortcut Virus :

    Open a Notepad File.

    Paste the code below in it, and save it as with a .bat extension

    (Save As -> All Files ->shortcutremover.bat)

    @echo off

    attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d f:*.*

    attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*

    attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d h:*.*

    @echo complete

    If ur drive is other than f g h then just replace it with ur drive letter


Lots of software is available which claim to remove shortcut virus. Only few of them work.

Below I have listed some best software, their tutorial and link to get them.

  2. smadav shortcut virus remover

    Above mentioned method may or may not work but this works 100% .( full proof) once you install you will never again have to see shortcut virus ever in your life. This software not only removes viruses but also immune(technically Vaccinate) your system form future attack. DOWNLOAD SMADAV ANTIVIRUS

    It’s just an Additional Protection for your PC, compatible with other antivirus can restore hidden and infected files in your USB and hard drive. PRO version even include many more features.


shortcut virus remover bat

IT is just 3 kb powerful script to remove shortcut virus. Moreover, it very easy to use it.

Just copy this .bat file to infected drive and run it. It will ask you to press any key to start the removing process. After a minute or two, you will get your drive back in original position.

I recommend u to use this software for external drive only. U can download it HERE.

Prevention is better than cure

so here are some:

Important tips for avoiding further injection of Shortcut Virus

1. Don’t open USB before scanning
2. Don’t connect your storages to those computers who do not have Antivirus Program
3. Avoid third party softwares or software from untrusted source
4. Run boot time scans once in 2-3 weeks
5. Keep your antivirus program up-to-date
6. Don’t open harmed websites
7. Install and update your antivirus
8. Turnoff auto run for usb drive
9. Vaccinate your drive with DOWNLOAD SMADAV ANTIVIRUS

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